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JAZZ RiVER TRiO is made up of three eclectic musicians. They as much like to perform songs from "Riverboat" orchestras, who were playing at the beginning of the last century onto the Mississippi, as those of New Yorker Boppers in 40s-50s.

They also love playing Biguines' Gipsy Swing and Samba, reinvent great classical composers' themes, and made themselves famouses french singers' tunes. Here they are, real touch-to-all musicians whom transport their audience all along time and space at every concert.

Since his creation in 2014, the Jazz River Trio performed more than 200 privates and publics shows during the last three years.

It made up of Bertrand Tessier at tenor saxophone, a real musical chameleon full of energy and with a sensitive touch. He's supported by a vigorous rythmic, multipurposed and swinging with Stephane Borde at banjo and Fred Dupin at sousaphone (tuba) and small washboard.

Those tree musicians enjoy to exchange soloist and accompanist role as score dictate that they imagine and work out together for you.

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Bertrand Tessier

He was 7 years old when Bertrand Tessier started with the saxophone’s training, he learnt this instrument in the classical and contemporary ways during his first studies years.
At his entrance at the Rouen National Music Conservatory, he begins to mix with jazz and improvisation bands. Still teenager, he moves toward 20's music and quickly integrates the great band « Spirit of Chicago Orchestra », always active on the national stage currently.
After few years improving at the Paris National Music Conservatory, he  continues his career in Bordeaux. From shows to open scenes, he meets his two companions and creates the « Jazz River Trio ». He also becomes a member of the « Hot Swing Sextet », who specializes in the Lindy Hop dancers' accompaniment at European level. 

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Stéphane Borde

Stéphane Borde started music late in life, he was 20 years old when he scratched his first guitar. Mixing little works, instrument playing and teaching, he became professional in 1995.
In 1999, his meeting with the tenor banjo and the New-Orleans jazz is decisive, he creates this very year « Sweet Dixie » (3 CD), a band whom currently succeeds on the French roads.
 A little later, he joins « Banjo Minstel » (1 CD), the « Jazz Chamber Orchestra » (1CD), the guitar duet « Big Guys Small Band », takes part in Sam Ferrando and Alex Fhol album’s recordings, frequently intercede with local orchestras as « Perry Gordon », « NPJB », « Sons of Bechet », « Jazz-Maniac Orchestra ».

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Frédéric Dupin

After a complete classical career path, Fred Dupin opens himself to « lively » musics and integrates with Salsa, Reggae, Funk and Variety Shows bands before sticking to Jazz and improvisation musics for good.
In the 2000's, he creates the « New Bumpers Jazz Band » (5 CD + DVD).
Other projects become importants as the « Bordeaux Big Band » (3 CD), the « RuBY Swing 4tet » (1 CD), « Les ZinZins du Jazz », the « Old Jazz Session », the musical show « Bonsoir Charlie », « The WaBASH Group », and finaly the « Jazz River Trio » with which he's involved since the creation. 
Moreover, Fred Dupin is a very multi-skilled musician playing trumpet and tuba, reader, improviser, arranger and songwriter.

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