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Bonsoir Charlie

Théatre des Beaux Arts

Charlie Taylor is a radio host in 1930s America.
He is as popular as he is deeply alone.
Every evening, he takes his listeners to the land of jazz and blues with his new band, the Jazz River Trio.
Taking up the musical challenges he imposes on them, the musicians accompanied Charlie in his show and in his life, as tumultuous and hectic as this era of the Roaring Twenties.
A wonderful journey through space and time to the rhythm of the greatest jazz standards, played live.

With Loïc Rojouan and the Jazz River Trio, Co-written and directed by Larra Mendy
Théatre des Beaux Arts, 2 rue des Beaux Arts, 33800 Bordeaux . Réservations : 05 56 21 85 30
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